We have the experience necessary to produce results!

Past results are no guarantee. But it is no accident that our previous cases have brought our clients good results. From one of the largest cases in history to small matters that seem barely viable, we have achieved success for our clients in contingency patent matters.

Our bottom line: We have never failed to achieve at least some recovery for any client for whom we brought a patent-enforcement lawsuit.

Mr. Hoffman worked on the Lemelson matter as a litigation case manager (among other duties). His efforts, along with two other lawyers in charge of that case, and assisted by a few others, led directly to a set of 1000 licenses producing $1.3 billion for a foundation established by an individual inventor. This is one of the most successful enforcement programs of all time.

More recently, Mr. Hoffman has worked as a consultant to oversee litigation of another successful enforcement program for an individual inventor. Mr. Hoffman has the capabilities and experience to oversee other contingency lawyers to produce results for select clients.

Our firm has worked on numerous licensing and litigation matters for patent owners, often for individual inventors or inventor-owned small businesses. In most instances, confidentiality interests demands discretion in disclosure.

But in all, the results are noteworthy: Through litigation or other commercialization efforts like licensing, our firm has made millionaires of well more than a dozen inventors or patent owners, and some of those persons have made multiple millions from patents our firm has enforced (and in some cases obtained). We has achieved results in smaller matters for many clients too – not every one of our clients becomes a millionaire of course!

On the other end of the size spectrum, during his 30 years of practice, Mr. Hoffman has also been entrusted to represent the interests of a dozen companies of Fortune 100 size for which he achieved successful results either in patent litigation or commercialization. (Our firm does not presently represent any large companies.)


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