Patent Sales

Our firm has represented patent sellers, both large and small, for over a decade. We believe we sell a higher percentage of patents and at higher prices than other seller representatives. Why?

If you are considering selling your patent, explore our site see why we might be the right firm to assist you.

Are you considering sale?

Uncertainty in the courts and changing business goals have led other patent owners to consider sale as a patent monetization strategy.
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What patents are right for sale?

Not all patents and patent applications are ready for sale and some patents are not suitable for sale.
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What makes for a successful sale?

A number of factors make certain patents more valuable than others.
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Who are the buyers?

There are number of buyers out there, but finding the right one for your patent can be tricky.
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Why are we the right firm to help?

Let our experience and industry connections work to your advantage.
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