Patent Enforcement

We provide litigation services on patent and other intellectual property matters (especially trademarks). Although we do some work on hourly basis, for both patent owners and accused infringers, much of our work involves contingency-fee patent enforcement.

Many law firms or assertion-assistance companies have a fixed model for handling litigation in a certain way. Some always sue in a favorite jurisdiction. Others always settle, or always go to trial. Others pick only certain patent types, such as those that can be asserted against many defendants, or only one. Still others sue first without notice, or always give notice.

Yet all cases are different, and they require different tools or strategies. We do not apply any “one size fits all” techniques. We customize solutions to solve the modern problems of patent litigation. We can handle all types of patent assertion matters, and we can adapt creatively to achieve the best possible outcome.

In litigation matters, clients focus on results. Litigation is notoriously risky, and we cannot guarantee results, but we believe that our services help improve the odds of success by addressing issues important to success:

Honesty and forthrightness
We pride ourselves in advising our clients of the merits and the risks of any litigation. Patent lawsuits are notoriously risky, and defendants and the courts increasingly show willingness to pursue patent owners who bring poorly considered infringement allegations. Do you really want your patent lawyer to be a “yes man” in today’s environment?

Careful case selection
We accept only a very small fraction of cases brought to our attention. Our reputation is for bringing cases that have reasonable merit. Defendants and their counsel essentially never admit infringement, of course, but we believe that our reputation for bringing high-quality cases helps us achieve success in cases we bring or manage.

Oversight and continued re-evaluation
We believe that cases require continued reconsideration periodically during litigation. And they require continued management. We do not simply put our heads down and push forward without thought. As new facts come to light, we will adjust strategy as necessary. This seems like a simple point, but it is something that many law firms do poorly.

Dedication and commitment
We are tenacious and hard-working. When we have a case that continues to appear to have merit, we will pursue it where it leads. In some cases, recovery has not been as high as desired, but we simply do not abandon clients.

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