For over a decade, Mr. Hoffman has been involved in patent legislation issues. He has worked closely with congressional offices and Senate and House staffers on providing information and draft language to promote a strong patent system.


Mr. Hoffman has also been closely involved in patent organizations’ legislative activities. He has served for many years on the legislation subcommittee of the American Bar Association’s Intellectual Property section, and he is on the board of the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP), where he chairs the government affairs committee and acts as legislative liaison.


Mr. Hoffman was the lead author of Arizona’s ground-breaking “Clean Elections Act”; which passed as an initiative and has been successful in reducing the influence of money in politics at the state level. As a Commissioner serving on the state Clean Elections Commission, he continues to support free and fair elections and to promote and defend the Clean Elections Act.


As volunteers, Mr. Hoffman and his family are among the top fundraisers in Arizona for Autism Speaks, a national charity supporting research into autism, through their "Strides for Seth" walk team.


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